The 10-3-2-1-0 Productivity Trick


The super-successful swear by their daily routines. Whether it’s Sir Richard Branson recommending his long-standing habit of waking up at 5 AM, or author Tim Ferriss telling fans how much of a lift it gives him to make his bed each morning, the right structure to your days can help you achieve incredible things, many business superstars attest.

The problem, though, is the quantity of these tips. While one person recommends morning journaling, another person argues exercising in the early hours is the key to maximum productivity. Is there any way to boil down much of this advice into the basic principles of a sound daily routine?

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Managing large and complex cash distribution systems in Banks

By: M.Sc.Ing. José Ramiro Bolaños, M.A.Licda. María Rodriguez Coutiño and Dr.Ing. Lionel Fernando López

Recent crisis in banking has placed a considerable amount of stress in banking efficiency. Operational efficiency is dissected today in many ways, trying to reduce costs and eliminate non value added activities along the complete cost function. This paper deals with a new way to significantly impact the way banks move cash between branches, reducing up to 50-70% cash transportation costs, securing 100% cash availability in the network for each single branch and releasing up to 40% of the circulating cash for re-investment purposes. The emerging innovating model is a branch network with Dynamic Cash Hubs (DCH) based on stochastic methods and Operations Research

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5 Surprisingly Simple Money Moves to Make in Your 20s to Be Rich in Your 40s


The beauty of being in your 20s is that your future is a blank slate. Life may change year to year, but your long-term goals can be in the abstract. At some point, sure, it would be great to own a home. Or spend a year travelling.

But to have a hope of getting there—or moving on anywhere that isn’t your parents’ basement—you’ll first need a solid financial foundation.

And that starts, well, now. While we can’t promise you’ll be a millionaire in your 40s, we can promise that every single one of these moves will make you more financially well-off than you would have been otherwise.

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